h i s t o r y

Information about what has happened on this page

1. Fixed the menu so it looked nice using mozilla 1.4
2. Updated the fire applet so it renders a bit nicer...
3. Apparently some IE explorer v6 could not understand the HTML/js if spaces or LF was present... fixed

Must follow w3c.org's specifications - must follow specifications......
Hmmm this cannot be that bad coz the html is hand-coded :-)
But let's see what w3c.org has to say:
. . . . opening page - validating - arghhhhhhhhhh 120 errors!!!
This reminds me of my first 'helloworld' written in c++. More errors than actual lines in the program. Okay fixing the html was no problem thanks to 'HTML Tidy Online', which bought down the errors to less than five (cosmetic stuff only caused by my badly written html)

"This site, this site, this site is on fire, we don't need no water let the motherfucker burn..."
- Now supporting the oldschool fire-algorithm...

I added two new applets - A 3D-Starfield and the AcePlotter.
Also the CoreApi was updated with a better timing mechanism.
Thanks to PKJ for suggesting this! It is now possible to have a refreshTime less that 15-20ms.

devnull.dk is completely re-made with new content and design.
I hope you like it ;-)