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Nothing here but a few links (that I find interesting!)

programmer's heaven.com
Links and articles about programming, but why waste time writing about it when the name says it all.
- Go fetch!

Some excellent Java demos and games. - This guy rocks!

This is a good friend of mine and his page is really worth visiting. Here you will find information about cool music and a nice guide about how xml can ease the upgrading hell of your homepages.
- Perhaps I should read this part....

If you are thinking about getting a J2EE certification, this is a good place to visit. Moelholm has study guides and mock tests for both the SCBCD and SCEA certifications.

melon - crack intro's
Many nice intro's from the Amiga - by Melon Design - now converted to flash.

bitmap fonts
Graphical fonts free for you to download and use! The oldschool scroller found in the demo section uses a font taken from there. Most of these are from the Atari but I cannot find any from the Amiga. Please mail me if you know where to get them!